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    Dimebooks Adventure Stories   (about)
    Very rare, one-shot, Canadian magazine reprinting four stories from earlier Canadian magazines. Unique in being only 5¾″ by 4″ and one sixteenth of an inch thick.

    Dimebooks Adventure Stories [v1 #1, August 1952] (Dimebooks Corporation, 10¢, 64pp, 5¾″ x 4″)
    Details taken from Table of Contents.
    • 2 · El Diablo’s Treasure · Morgan Flanders · ss Yarns October 1941, as “Horror Under the Sea”
    • 20 · Man Hunt · Jack Dunham · ss (r)
    • 34 · Red Blossoms for the Captain’s Grave · Robert E. Hughes · ss (r)
    • 48 · Cambodian Caprice · E. F. Chester · ss Yarns November 1941

    Doc Savage:   (about)
    A character pulp. The lead novels are usually SF in nature, but the backup stories almost never are.

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