British Juvenile Story Papers and Pocket Libraries Index

created by Steve Holland & edited by Phil Stephensen-Payne

Last Update: April 23, 2024

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Welcome to the British Juvenile Story Papers and Pocket Libraries Index site. The purpose of the site is to eventually index all British children's papers, comics and annuals, although the index that follows is very much a work in progress. It is a huge project, with many tens of thousands of individual issues to be checklisted... but all projects have to start somewhere and I'm hoping that this is the acorn from which a mighty oak can grow.

And you can help. You do not need to have a huge run of any particular title to add your knowledge to the list. By checklisting even one single issue and sending in the information you've added to the project, and a partial listing of a title is far better than none at all.

Please revisit the site regularly, as I hope that a steady stream of new information will be available regularly. If you have any queries, comments or want to jump in at the deep end and contribute, please contact me at: Steve Holland

I would like to thank the folks who helped out in the setting up of this site, especially Bill Contento and Phil Stephensen-Payne for their incredible efforts in converting information so that it turns from raw checklist data into... well, into what you see here. And thanks are also due to David Pringle, Mike Ashley, John Eggeling and Victor Berch whose energetic comments, criticism and corrections helped shape the project in its earliest days.

Finally, my thanks to the good people at the Collectable Books and Magazines chatgroup who have been helping with the supply of contents for various annuals: Kathy Beard, Gill Bilski, Philippe Duong, Kim Miles, Brian Parratt, Rachel Rowe, Brian Stringer, David Taylor and especially to list host John Tipper, Tim Gadd and Jim Mackenzie.

Steve Holland

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