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    All Mystery   (about)
    Dell’s first attempt to issue a mystery digest magazine. A good line-up of authors, but all with reprinted stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; 261 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, NY: All Mystery.

    All Star Detective   (about)
    Commenced with Volume 1 #2. There was no prior issue copyrighted.

    • Publishers:
      • Manvis Publications, Inc.; 4600 Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL: All Star Detective.
    • Editors:

    All Star Detective Stories   (about)
    This Clayton pulp started life in 1928 as a “general fiction” magazine called Three Star Magazine, subsequently Three Star Stories, which ran for 34 issues to September 1929. Then, in October 1929, the magazine changed to a detective pulp with the name All Star Detective Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Three Star Publishing Corporation; 80 Lafayette Street, New York, NY: All Star Detective Stories.
    • Editors:

    All Star Detective Stories (UK):   (about)
    British reprint edition of All Detective. The British Library catalogue suggests there were three issues under this title and at least one more under the title All Detective Magazine, but they only have the first issue and no other have been found elsewhere.

    All Detective Magazine (UK)
    Title changed from All Star Detective Stories (UK).

    • Publishers:
      • The World’s Work (1913) Ltd.; Kingswood, Surrey: All Detective Magazine (UK).

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