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    Black Mask (UK):   (about)
    British reprint edition of Black Mask. There were two distinct series.

    The first series ran for 206 issues from June 1923 to October 1939. This series was printed in the US for UK distribution; had the same covers as the US editions apart for UK price (sometimes); and reprinted the entire contents of the US edition, plus frequently an additional story or two. Frequently the additional stories were reprinted from US issues that had not appeared in the UK but in several issues no prior appearance can be traced (in Black Mask or anywhere else) so they might be original stories that ONLY appeared in the UK issues. The numbering system on these issues was specific to the UK issues and ran from v1 #1 to v17 #12.

    The second series ran for 120 issues from November 1939 to November 1953 (at least). This series was printed in the UK; had different covers to the US issues; typically was a partial reprint of assorted US issues, initially of Black Mask but in later years of other magazines such as Dime Detective.

    The Black Mask (UK)

    • Publishers:
      • Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd.; 18 Bride Lane, London EC4: The Black Mask (UK).

    The Black Mask (UK) [v1 #6, September 1, 1923] (Atlas Publishing & Distributing Co. Ltd., pulp)
    Issue not indexed - probably a reprint of the September 1, 1923 (US) issue, plus a single story from an earlier issue.

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