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    Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine [Volume Four, Number Thirty-Two, (1970)] ed. Leonard Holdsworth, Kurt Müller & James Hughes (Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazines Limited, 3/6d, 112pp, digest)
    The magazine doesn’t carry a date anywhere but the contents are “copyright 1970”. It is unclear why this issue used an issue number that had already been used.
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

    Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US)   (about)
    Despite the title, this had no connection to the British magazine of the same name and carried a mix of reprints from other US magazines and some original material.

    • Publishers:
      • Classic Mystery Publications, Inc.; 325 West 70 Street, New York, NY: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US).
    • Editors:
      • Roger Elwood - Editor: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US).

    Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine   (about)
    Magazine commenced with v1 #4, possibly due to commencement in the fourth month of the year, April. There were no issues numbered v1 #1, v1 #2 or v1 #3. Note that the first issue was misspelled Ed McBaines 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Leonard J. Ackerman Productions, Inc.; 8730 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069: Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine [v1 #4, April 1975] (Leonard J. Ackerman Productions Inc., 95¢, 126pp+, digest)
    Misspelled as Ed McBaines 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine.
    Details supplied by Darren Heil.
    • 2 · The Mannequin of Death · Irwin Porges · nv; possibly “The Mannequin Murder”.
    • 30 · Pit of Despair · Arthur Porges · ss
    • 36 · Backfire · Tom Godwin · ss
    • 52 · Three for the Hounds · Theodore Mathieson · ss; given as by Theodore Matheison on the cover.
    • 61 · A Honey of a Homicide · John Land · ss
    • 77 · Armchair Detective · Bob Swain · ss
    • 85 · The Bushwackers · Richard O. Lewis · ss; possibly “The Bushwhackers”.
    • 99 · Cave in the Rain · Gil Brewer · ss
    • 106 · To Be or Not to Be · Dan Hall · ss
    • 119 · Roundelay · Ed McBain · ss; given as by Ed McBaine in the Table of Contents.

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