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    Midnight Mystery Stories [v1 #18, December 16, 1922] (Midnight Publishing Company, Inc., 10¢, 32pp, 9.25″ x 12.25″, cover: [black and white photo of a young woman staring into a large crystal ball as the huge shadow of panther appears in window behind her])
    This issue also has a back-cover advertisement featuring illustrations of the $5,000 True Story Prize Contest for 1922, picturing D.W. Griffith, Fannie Hurst, Cosmo Hamilton, Irvin S. Cobb, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ruby Ayres and Hendrik Van Loon. Details taken from Table of Contents.

    Mike Hervey Detective Monthly Magazine   (about)
    The title was constant as Mike Hervey Detective Monthly Magazine in the Table of Contents, but the cover title became Mike Hervey’s Detective Monthly Magazine with issue 7. All the stories in all the issues were written by Mike Hervey.

    • Publishers:
      • Transport Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd.; 26 Hunter Street, Sydney: Mike Hervey Detective Monthly Magazine.

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