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    Mystery Novels and Short Stories   (about)
    One of the better weird-menace magazines, stressing the luscious female in most distressing situations. The first issue was Vol.1 No.4—it is not known whether any magazine preceded this for the first three issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Double-Action Magazines, Inc.; New York: Mystery Novels and Short Stories.
    • Editors:
      • A. Sundell - Editor: Mystery Novels and Short Stories.

    Mystery Novels Magazine Quarterly:   (about)
    Initially a giant-sized, 256-page, quarterly, the magazine changed hands after only 8 issues and shrank to 128-page issues, with an emphasis on weird crime. Although the new publisher claimed their magazine was not a continuation of the previous one, the issue numbering is continuous throughout. After a further 9 issues it changed to a frontier adventure magazine called Real Northwest Adventures which is not indexed here.

    Mystery Novels Magazine
    Title changed from Mystery Novels Magazine Quarterly.

    • Publishers:
      • Winford Publications, Inc.; 165 Franklin Street, New York, NY: Mystery Novels Magazine.

    Mystery Puzzle of the Month   (about)
    Mystery Puzzle of the Month was a series of jigsaws published by Pearl Publishing Co., each of which was accompanied by an original short story in a well-known series. The idea was that both story and jigsaw contained clues that would allow the reader to solve the mystery. The actual solution was given on the final page of the story in mirror text.

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