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    Mystery Stories [#22, May 1941] (1/-, 72pp+, pulp)
    Norman de la Rue and Joseph Bright-Hill are listed on the cover, but their stories did not appear until the next issue.
    Details taken from Table of Contents.

    Mystery Street
    Although this title is listed on, it was a stillborn magazine. The editor, O’Neil de Noux, described it as “A fantastic idea by Pulphouse Publishing of Eugene, Oregon. Mystery Street was going to be ‘The New Wave of Crime Fiction’. We started with a 10,000 word story by Kate Wilhelm, stories from John Lutz, George Alec Effinger, Lee Floren and others. We put together the first issue (a great cover by Peggy Ranson) but Pulphouse went under before we got the magazine into print.”

    Mystery Tales (1930s)   (about)
    One of Martin Goodman’s “Red Circle” weird menace magazines, seemingly published as a companion to Star Detective. Began with Vol.2 No.3, possibly to match the current issue of Star Detective.

    • Publishers:
      • Western Fiction Publishing Co., Inc.; 4600 Diversey Avenue, Chicago, IL: Mystery Tales.
    • Editors:

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