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    Prison Stories   (about)
    A highly specialised Harold Hersey title focussing on the world of convicts, ex-convicts, and those about to become convicts.

    • Publishers:
      • Good Story Magazine Co., Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Prison Stories.

    Private Detective Stories:   (about)
    Private Detective Stories appeared in mid-1937, about three years after the first of the spicy magazine lines— Spicy Detective—and came from the same publisher—Trojan Publishing. The magazines were much the same— it has been said that “Private Detective Stories was Spicy Detective with less decorative covers and some, but not much, of the psychopathology left out”. It ran for 134 issues over a period of 13 years, in the latter months (from September 1949) adding two comic strips to the mix and dropping the word “Stories” from the title.
    Details on retitled reprints supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson from articles published by Glenn Lord. In addition, Kelly Mordaunt identified many of the cover artists.

    Private Detective Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Trojan Publishing Corp.; 2242 Grove Street, Chicago, IL; and later at 125 East 46th Street, New York 17, NY: Private Detective Stories, Jun 1937 – Nov 1947.
      • Trojan Magazines, Inc.; 125 East 46th Street, New York 17, NY: Private Detective Stories, Feb 1948 – Dec 1950.
    • Editors:

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