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    Romantic Detective   (about)
    Despite the title, Romantic Detective presented stories that were more in the detective vein than romance. Each issue contained a full-length novel supported by a handful of short stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Trojan Publishing Corp.; 2242 Grove Street, Chicago, IL: Romantic Detective.

    The Saint Detective Magazine:   (about)
    The Saint Detective Magazine was launched in Spring 1953 and initially published a story in each issue featuring Leslie Charteris’ Saint, after whom the magazine was named. The title was changed to The Saint Mystery Magazine from November 1958 and to The Saint Magazine from May 1966. The new name didn’t last long and the magazine folded in October 1967 after a very creditable 141 issues.

    The Saint Detective Magazine

    • Publishers:
      • King-Size Publications, Inc.; 11 West 42nd Street, New York 36; and later at 320 Fifth Avenue, New York 1: The Saint Detective Magazine.
    • Editors:
      • Sam Merwin, Jr. - Editor: The Saint Detective Magazine, Mar 1953 – Nov 1953.
      • Beatrice Jones - Editor: The Saint Detective Magazine, Jan 1954 – Mar 1954.
      • Leo Margulies - Editorial Director: The Saint Detective Magazine, May 1954 – Jul 1956.
      • Hans Stefan Santesson - Editor: The Saint Detective Magazine, Aug 1956 – Oct 1958.
      • Leslie Charteris - Supervising Editor: The Saint Detective Magazine.

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