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    The Dragnet Magazine [v4 #2, November 1929] (pulp)
    Believed not to exist. None recorded at the Library of Congress for copyright. This was advertised in the October 1929 issue as containing “The Man Without a Soul” by Peter Perry, but there was a change of editors at this point and it appears the new editor never used the story.

    Detective-Dragnet Magazine
    Title changed from Dragnet. It should be noted that the magazine used the unusual device of starting the first story on the cover, on a number of issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Magazine Publishers, Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Detective-Dragnet Magazine.
    • Editors:
      • Harold S. Goldsmith - Editor: Detective-Dragnet Magazine, May 1930.
      • A. A. Wyn - Editor: Detective-Dragnet Magazine, Aug 1930 – Dec 1932.

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