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    Sabbat Worlds ed. Dan Abnett (Black Library US, October 2011, 978-1-84970-083-2, $8.99, 405pp, pb, cover by Stefan Kopinski) [Warhammer 40,000]
        Reprint (Black Library 2010) anthology of eight stories based on the world of the SF roleplaying game. Copyrighted by Games Workshop.

    Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham (Subterranean Press, September 2023, $85.00, 472pp, hc, cover by Ed Fairburn) [Kithamar]
        Reprint (Orbit 2022) fantasy novel. Limited to 400 signed, numbered, copies. Also available in a traycased edition, limited to 26 lettered, signed, copies ($325). Details taken from publisher website.

    Balfour and Meriwether in the Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs by Daniel Abraham (Subterranean Press, October 2013, 978-1-59606-576-5, $20.00, 83pp, hc, cover by David Palumbo)
        Fantasy novella in the Balfour and Meriwether series. A leatherbound, signed, limited edition of 250 is also available.

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