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    An Island Called Moreau by Brian W. Aldiss (Simon & Schuster, February 1981, 0-671-25453-7, $10.95, 173pp, hc)
        Reprint (Cape 1980 as Moreau’s Other Island) SF novel.

    Jocasta by Brian Aldiss (The Rose Press, January 2006, 0-9548277-0-8, £24.95, 311pp, hc)
        Novel reworking Sophocles’ classic Theban plays Oedipus Rex and Antigone.

    Jocasta: Wife and Mother, and Antigone by Brian Aldiss (The Friday Project, December 4, 2014, 978-0-00-748214-6, £9.99, 222pp, tp)
        Collection of Jocasta (The Rose Press, 2004) and an original novelette (“Antigone”), both based on plays by Sophocles.

    Journey to the Goat Star by Brian W. Aldiss (Pulphouse Publishing, July 1991, 1-56146-522-4, $1.95, 47pp, pb, cover by George Barr)
        Sf short story of a man who disbelieves in his alien visitor. This originally appeared in Something Else, Spring 1984, and was revised from “The Captain’s Analysis” in The Quarto, Jul ’82.

    Kindred Blood in Kensington Gore by Brian W. Aldiss (Avernus, March 1992, no ISBN, £3.95, 25pp, ph) [Ref. Philip K. Dick]
        Playlet featuring an imaginary conversation with Philip K. Dick in the afterlife, first performed at the “Philip K. Dick Celebration” in October 1991, together with an introduction by the author. This edition is limited to 200 copies.

    The Making of an Epic by Brian Aldiss (Jonathan Cape, February 25, 1982, 12pp, ph) [Helliconia]
        Author notes, acknowledgments, diagrams and sketches about the Helliconia books and universe, distributed with the first Cape edition of Helliconia Spring.

    The Malacia Tapestry by Brian W. Aldiss (Drugstore Indian Press, August 2014, 978-1-848637-92-4, £11.95, 309pp, tp, cover by Ben Baldwin)
        Reprint (Cape 1976) alternate-world fantasy novel.

    Man in His Time: Best SF Stories by Brian W. Aldiss (Gollancz, June 1, 1989, 0-575-04530-2, £3.50, 328pp, pb)
        Reprint (Gollancz 1988 as Best SF Stories of Brian W. Aldiss) SF collection. This edition has a new introduction by the author.

    Moreau’s Other Island by Brian W. Aldiss (Jonathan Cape, August 1980, 0-224-01840-X, £4.95, 174pp, hc, cover by Bill Botten)
        SF novel.

    My Country ’Tis Not Only of Thee by Brian W. Aldiss (The Aldiss Appreciation Society, 1986, no ISBN, 27pp, ph)
        SF novelette, limited to 100 copies.

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