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    Non-Stop by Brian W. Aldiss (Faber and Faber, 1958, 15/-, 252pp, hc, n.)
        SF novel.

    The Pale Shadow of Science by Brian W. Aldiss (Serconia Press, April 1985, 0-934933-00-6, $10.00, 128pp, hc, nf)
        Collection of essays ranging from autobiography to sf criticism, limited to 500 copies.
    • 1 · Introduction · Brian W. Aldiss · in
    • 3 · I · Brian W. Aldiss · si
    • 5 · Preparation for What? · Brian W. Aldiss · ar The Fiction Magazine 1983
    • 17 · Long Cut to Burma · Brian W. Aldiss · ar The Fiction Magazine 1982, as “Drawn Towards Burma”
    • 27 · Old Bessie · Brian W. Aldiss · ar
    • 35 · II · Brian W. Aldiss · si
    • 37 · Science Fiction’s Mother Figure · Brian W. Aldiss · ar Science Fiction Writers ed. E. F. Bleiler, Scribner's, 1981, as “Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley” [Ref. Mary Shelley]
    • 51 · The Immanent Will Returns · Brian W. Aldiss · ar The Times Literary Supplement 1983, as “Olaf Stapledon” [Ref. Olaf Stapledon]
    • 61 · The Downward Journey · Brian W. Aldiss · ar Extrapolation 1984
    • 71 · A Whole New Can of Worms · Brian W. Aldiss · ar Foundation #26, October 1982, as “Philip K. Dick: A Whole New Can of Worms” [Ref. Philip K. Dick]
      delivered as a speech at “The Strange Pilgrimage: A Commemoration for Philip K. Dick”, June 9th, 1982.
    • 79 · Peep · Brian W. Aldiss · ar The Quincunx of Time by James Blish, Avon, 1983 [Ref. James Blish]
    • 85 · A Transatlantic Harrison, Yippee! · Brian W. Aldiss · ar Novacon 12 Programme Book ed. Christopher Baker & Rog Peyton, Birmingham Science Fiction Group, 1982 [Ref. Harry Harrison]
    • 89 · III · Brian W. Aldiss · si
    • 91 · The Atheist’s Tragedy Revisited · Brian W. Aldiss · ar
    • 95 · The Pale Shadow of Science · Brian W. Aldiss · ar
      address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1984; originally published in an abridged form in The Guardian 13-Sep-1984.
    • 105 · A Monster for All Seasons · Brian W. Aldiss · ar Science Fiction Dialogues ed. Gary Wolfe, Academy, 1982
    • 121 · Helliconia: How and Why · Brian W. Aldiss · ar

    Pile: Petals from St. Klaed’s Computer by Brian W. Aldiss (Jonathan Cape, August 1979, 0-224-01739-X, £3.50, 36pp, hc, pm, cover by Mike Wilks)
        Poem by Aldiss, heavily illustrated by Mike Wilks.

    A Plutonian Monologue on His Wife’s Death by Brian Aldiss (The Frogmore Press, 2000, 0-9531383-7-2, £3.25, 19pp, ph, co)
        Collection of seven poems written as a response to his wife’s death. A limited edition of 200 numbered copies, signed by Aldiss.

    The Primal Urge by Brian Aldiss (Ballantine, 1961, F555, 50¢, 191pp, pb, n., cover by Richard M. Powers)
        SF novel, later abridged and serialized as “Minor Operation” in New Worlds (1962).

    Report on Probability A. by Brian W. Aldiss (Faber and Faber, 1968, 21/-, 176pp, hc, n.)
        SF novel.

    A Romance of the Equator by Brian Aldiss (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, November 1980, no ISBN, 13pp, ph, ss) [Novacon Booklets]
        Original short story issued in a limited edition of 550 numbered copies, to coincide with Aldiss’s Guest of Honour appearance at Novacon 10.

    A Rude Awakening by Brian W. Aldiss (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, April 1978, 0-297-77448-4, £4.50, 206pp, hc, n.) [Horatio Stubbs]
        Semi-autobiographical novel chronicling the bawdy (mis)adventures of Horatio Stubbs.

    Ruins by Brian W. Aldiss (Hutchinson, September 1987, 0-09-167860-9, £7.95, vi+85pp, hc, na, cover by Salim Patell)
        Mainstream novella, billed as “a modern parable”.

    Sanity and the Lady by Brian Aldiss (PS Publishing, July 2005, 1-904619-24-X, £25.00, viii+218pp, hc, no, cover by John William Godward)
        SF novel, with an introduction by Ian R. MacLeod. Limited to 500 copies, signed by the author. Also available in a limited hardback edition (-25-8, £60.00) limited to 200 numbered copies, signed by Aldiss & Macleod.

    Science Fiction Art by Brian W. Aldiss (New English Library, October 1975, 0-450-02772-4, £2.95, 128pp, pb, nf)
        Compendium of science fiction magazine cover and interior art, with accompanying text by Aldiss.

    Science Fiction As Science Fiction by Brian W. Aldiss (Bran’s Head Books, 1978, 0-905220-12-9, 39pp, pb, nf)
        Critical essay on SF written specially for the Bran’s Head chapbook series.

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