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    The Complete Psychotechnic League: Volume 1 by Poul Anderson (Baen, October 3, 2017, 978-1-4814-8284-4, $16.00, 231pp, tp, co, cover by Kurt Miller)
        Reprint (Tor 1981 as The Psychotechnic League) collection. This edition adds a preface by David Afsharirad.
    Details taken from online listing.

    Conquests by Poul Anderson (Panther, December 1981, 0-586-05041-8, £1.50, 250pp, pb, co, cover by Chris Foss)
        Reprint (Macmillan 1969 as Seven Conquests) collection.

    The Earth Book of Stormgate: Two by Poul Anderson (NEL, November 1980, 0-450-04800-4, £1.00, 159pp, pb, co, cover by Colin Andrew)
        Reprint of the second third of The Earth Book of Stormgate (Putnam, 1978) consisting of the novel The Man Who Counts, also published in a shorter version as War of the Wing-Men (Ace, 1958). Given as The Earth Book of Stormgate—2 on the cover.

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