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    The Mammoth Book of Sorcerers’ Tales ed. Mike Ashley (Carroll & Graf, December 2004, 0-7867-1408-5, $12.95, 500pp, tp, cover by Joe Roberts)
        Reprint (Robinson 2004) anthology of 23 stories, six original. Authors with original stories include Peter Crowther, Tom Holt, and Richard A. Lupoff. First US edition.

    The Mammoth Book of Time Travel SF ed. Mike Ashley (Running Press, September 2013, 978-0-7624-4939-2, $13.95, 535pp, tp, cover by Joe Roberts)
        Reprint (Robinson 2013) anthology of 25 stories, one original. Authors include Gregory Benford, Kage Baker, and John Varley. First US edition.

    The Mammoth Book of the End of the World ed. Mike Ashley (Running Press, August 2010, 978-0-7624-3991-1, $13.95, xii+500pp, tp)
        Reprint (Robinson 2010 as The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF) anthology of 24 stories, six original. Authors with original stories include Kage Baker, Paul Di Filippo, and Robert Reed. First US edition.

    Men O’War ed. Mike Ashley (W.H. Smith, August 2004, 1-84529-103-4, £4.99, 496pp, tp)
        Reprint (Robinson 1999 as The Mammoth Book of Men O’War) mainstream anthology of 18 “Stories from the Glory Days of Sail”. Only available in W.H. Smith’s bookshops.

    The Merlin Chronicles ed. Mike Ashley (Carroll & Graf, November 1995, 0-7867-0275-3, $12.95, 446pp, tp, cover by Julek Heller)
        Anthology of 22 Arthurian stories, nine original, and one a re-worked extract of Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. There is a detailed introduction of the history of Merlin by Ashley. Authors include Robert Holdstock, Tanith Lee, Esther Friesner, and Charles de Lint. Simultaneous with the UK (Raven) edition.

    More Shakespearean Whodunnits ed. Mike Ashley (Past Times, November 1998, 1-85487-559-0, 440pp, tp, cover by The Senate)
        Reprint (Robinson 1998 as Shakespearean Detectives) associational collection of 29 original stories set in the world of Shakespearean plays. Authors include Barnett, Baxter, Brenchley, Gay, Holt, Karr, Langford, Nicholls, Schweitzer, and Tremayne. Only available as part of the boxed set The Collected Shakespearean Whodunnits.

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