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    The Mystery of the Iron Box by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, September 1952, LC:52-18027, 95¢, 214pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        Ken’s father, Richard Holt, stays with the Allens at Christmas time, and brings gifts, including a decorative iron box for Ma Allen. It soon appears that someone is interested in stealing the box. Volume seven in the series.

    The Mystery of the Plumed Serpent by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, March 1962, LC:62-3498, $1.00, 176pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        After Ken and Sandy Allen drive to the bus stop to meet a visitor from Mexico, they soon discover that mystery and danger follow Ricardo Montez. Volume 17 in the series.

    The Mystery of the Shattered Glass by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, January 1958, LC:58-14585, $1.00, 184pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        Ken and Sandy board a freighter for trip to Europe, to join Ken’s father, a foreign correspondent for Global News Service. The teens receive a radio message from Global News and find themselves involved in a crime committed a thousand miles away. Volume 13 in the series.

    The Mystery of the Sultan’s Scimitar by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, August 1963, LC:63-18955, $1.25, 177pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        Ken and Sandy take a vacation in Greece. Minutes after they view the Knossos cylinder, which is the Golden Key to the language of the ancient Cretans, the artifact is stolen from the Athens Museum. Volume 18 in the series.

    The Mystery of the Vanishing Magician by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, December 1956, LC:57-13573, $1.00, 215pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        The Allens attend a fund raiser at Brentwood High School, where Magnus the Magician is to perform. Bert Allen recognizes him as someone who once saved his life, but was never properly thanked. When Bert volunteers to help out in a trick, he reveals himself to Magnus, who is startled, and disappears during the middle of his act. The Allens learn the man is wanted for robbing a jewelry store, and they vow to prove the man is innocent. Volume 12 in the series.

    The Riddle of the Stone Elephant by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, September 1949, LC:49-6829, 75¢, 214pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        Ken Holt and Sandy Allen go on a Rocky Mountain holiday, and research a Colorado land feud for a feature story Richard Holt is writing. Volume two in the series.

    The Secret of Hangman’s Inn by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, September 1951, LC:51-7744, 85¢, 213pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        Joe Driscoll, a worker at the Brentwood Weekly Advance, disappears and Ken and Sandy search for the missing man. After the teens discover some clues Brentwood Police Chief Andy Kane joins the investigation. Volume six in the series.

    The Secret of Skeleton Island by Bruce Campbell (Grosset & Dunlap, September 1949, LC:49-6774, 75¢, 213pp, hc) [Ken Holt]
        When Richard Holt, Ken Holt’s father, doesn’t return home as planned the young man travels to New York to find him. He is kidnapped along the way, escapes and is helped by the Allen family, owners of the Brentwood Advance newspaper. Sandy Allen helps Ken investigate Mr. Holt’s disappearance. Volume one in the series.

    The Last Full Measure by Jack Campbell (Subterranean Press, June 2013, 978-1-59606-568-0, $20.00, 98pp, hc, cover by David Palumbo)
        Alternate history SF novella set in a 19th-century US where Abraham Lincoln is imprisoned as a threat to American security. A leatherbound signed, limited edition of 250 ($45.00) is also available.

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