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    Presenting William Sleator ed. James E. & Hazel K. Davis (Macmillan Twayne, December 1991, 0-8057-8215-X, $19.95, 130pp, hc, nf) [Ref. William Sleator]
        Non-fiction, criticism. A study of the life and work of the author of numerous juvenile sf and fantasy works. Part of the Twayne “United States Authors” series.

    The First Orbit Book of Horror Stories ed. Richard Davis (Orbit, 1976, 0-8600-7919-8, 60p, 192pp, pb, an)
        Reprint (DAW 1975 as The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series III) ghost/horror anthology.

    SF 1 ed. Richard Davis (Armada, 1980, 0-00-691753-4, 70p, 127pp, pb, an, cover by Geoff Taylor)
        Reprint (Armada 1975 as Armada Sci-Fi 1) SF anthology.

    SF 2 ed. Richard Davis (Armada, 1980, 0-00-691677-5, 70p, 126pp, pb, an)
        Reprint (Armada 1975 as Armada Sci-Fi 2) SF anthology.

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