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    Modern Fiction 1945-1958 by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, December 1984, 85p, 8pp, ph)

    The Mushroom Jungle, A History of Postwar Paperback Publishing by Steve Holland (Zeon Books, October 1993, 1-874-11301-7, £14.95, 195pp, pb, cover by F. T.)

    Piccadilly Novels by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, February 1986, 85p, 8pp, ph)

    R & L Locker / Harborough Publishing Co Ltd / Archer Press (1944-1954) by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, September 1986, £1.00, 9pp, ph)

    Scion and Dragon Books 1949-1956 by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, September 1984, £1.00, 14pp, ph)

    The Trials of Hank Janson by Steve Holland (Telos Publications, May 20, 2004, 978-1-903-88984-8, £12.99, 336pp, tp, cover by Reginald Heade)
        Reprint (Books Are Everything 1991) reference work about Stephen Frances, the sometime SF writer and publisher (of the original New Worlds), whose rigged trial for obscenity effectively ended most UK paperback publishing. Illustrated with 16 pages of colour stills, and a complete bibliography of this many-named prolific author.

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