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    Legend ed. Robert J. Randisi (Leisure, March 1999, 0-8439-4496-X, 406pp, pb)
        Technically this is a “shared novel” but since each author wrote a self-contained story about the main character, each story set in a separate decade, this could be considered an original anthology although none of the stories have separate names.
    • 7 · Introduction · Robert J. Randisi · in
    • · [Young Lyle’s quest to rescue his brother] · Elmer Kelton · nv
    • · [Lyle’s first love] · Judy Alter · nv
    • · [Takes Lyle into the 1860s and acquaints him with buffalo hunting] · Loren D. Estleman · nv
    • · [Lyle’s brush with the Devereaux Gang in the 1870s] · James Reasoner · nv
    • · [The story of how a woman finally captured the heart of Lyle Speaks] · Jane Candia Coleman · nv
    • · [Takes Lyle into the 1890s and brings him face-to-face with his darkest fears] · Ed Gorman · nv
    • · [All sections set in the 1900s: the opening, the bridges between sections, and the ending] · Robert J. Randisi · nv

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