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    Dear August: Letters, Robert E. Howard to August Derleth, 1932-1936 by Robert E. Howard (Robert E. Howard Properties LLC, 2002, tp, nf)
        In 2002, the then-owners of the rights to Robert E. Howard’s works decided to publish a series of three books in order to extend the U.S. copyrights of the unpublished material. Otherwise all this unpublished material would have been public domain in the U.S. after 12/31/2006. Three books were published—A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems, Dear HPL (Howard’s letters to Lovecraft), and Dear August (Howard’s letters to August Derleth). 10 copies of each book were to be prepared by Glenn Lord, but fewer than 10 were eventually produced, maybe as few as 6 copies of each.

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