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    Mysterious Christmas Tales: Horror Stories for the Festive Season (Scholastic UK, October 20, 1994, 0-590-54168-4, £4.99, 272pp, tp, an)
        Reprint (Scholastic UK 1993) original anthology of nine young-adult horror stories, including pieces by Robert Swindells and Garry Kilworth. Illustrated by David Wyatt.

    Mystery, Magic, Voodoo & the Holy Grail ed. Stephanie Smith & Julia Stiles, uncredited (HarperCollinsAustralia/Voyager, September 2000, 0-7322-6580-0, 382pp, tp, oa, cover by Vivien Kubbos) [Ref. Selwa Anthony]
        Original anthology of eight stories, edited by Julia Stiles & Stephanie Smith, who are not credited. The inspiration for the anthology came from the contributors’ agent Selwa Anthony. Authors include Kim Wilkins, Ian Irvine, and Caiseal Mór.

    Myths & Magic: The Complete Fantasy Reference (Titan, April 16, 1999, 1-84023-059-2, £12.99, 277pp, tp, nf, cover by Bob Eggleton)
        Reprint (Writer’s Digest 1998 as The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference) reference work, with an introduction by Terry Brooks. A guide to the history, myths, costumes, crafts, and magics of many cultures. Internally dated February 1999.

    The NESFA Index to the Science Fiction Magazines and Original Anthologies 1986 (NESFA Press, 1988, 0-915368-32-3, $6.00, 82pp, tp, nf)
        Non-fiction, reference. Covers original anthologies and professional magazines published in the subject year.

    Nanoware Time/The Persistence of Vision (Tor, January 1991, 0-812-55940-1, $3.95, 188pp, pb, an, cover by Ron Walotsky)
        Anthology of two novellas. Ian Watson’s “Nanoware Time” is revised and expanded from the first publication (IASFM 6/89). The Varley was a Hugo and Nebula Awards winner. Tor SF Double #29.

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