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    Father Panic’s Opera Macabre by Thomas Tessier (Subterranean Press, 2001, 978-1-931081-12-2, 162pp, hc, n., cover by Gail Cross)
        Limited edition of 750 signed copies. There is also a lettered edition of 26 copies.
    Details taken from online listing.

    Lulu and One Other by Thomas Tessier (Subterranean Press, 1999, 1-892284-27-8, 48pp, hc, oc, cover by Tim Holt)
        Collection of two original stories. Limited to 250 numbered copies, signed by Tessier. Also available in a limited edition of 26 lettered copies ($40).

    Bluebeard’s Keys and Other Stories by Miss Thackeray (Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1902, 287pp, pb, co)
        Reissue (Tauchnitz 1875) collection. Collection of British Authors Vol. 1485.
    Details provided by Endre Zsoldos.
    • 5 · A Dedication to the Writers of Fairy-Tale Hexameters F.W.C., H.T., J.R.S. and R.T.R. · Miss Thackeray · ms (r)
    • 9 · Bluebeard’s Keys · Miss Thackeray · na The Cornhill Magazine February 1871 (+1), uncredited.
    • 113 · Riquet à la Houppe · Miss Thackeray · na The Cornhill Magazine January 1872 (+1), uncredited.
    • 183 · Jack and the Bean-stalk · Miss Thackeray · na The Cornhill Magazine September 1873 (+1), uncredited.

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