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    The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference (Writer’s Digest, September 1998, 0-89879-866-3, $18.99, 277pp, hc, nf, cover by Robin Wood)
        Non-fiction, reference. A guide to elements of fantasy, such as the occult, fantastic creatures, ancient civilizations, medieval society, etc, various sections written by Michael J. Varhola, Allan Maurer & Renee Wright, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Andrew P. Miller & Daniel Clark. Introduction by Terry Brooks.

    The Writer’s Complete Fantasy Reference (Writer’s Digest Books, February 2001, 1-58297-026-2, $14.99, 277pp, tp, nf, cover by Robin Wood)
        Reprint (Writer’s Digest 1998) non-fiction, a reference guide to elements of fantasy.

    X Files: Dead to the World (Titan, November 29, 1996, 1-900097-24-9, £6.99, 000pp, tp, om)
        Graphic omnibus (unpaginated) containing Numbers 1-3 of The X-Files Comic Digest.

    X-Files Postcard Book (HarperCollins UK, November 18, 1996, 0-00-638835-3, £5.99, 64pp, pb, nf)
        Associational item collecting 30 postcard/photos.

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