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    The Golden Argosy [v2 #2, December 15, 1883] (Argosy Publishing House, 5¢, 8pp, 11½″ x 16½″) []
    a note at the top of the first page reads: “This is the regular number of ”The Golden Argosy“ for this week. Next week ”Jack and Geoffrey,“ ”Making a Man of Himself,“ and ”The Store Boy“ will be continued, and other matter will appear as usual.” The entire issue is then devoted to “an exceedingly fine list of premiums” which may be obtained by readers who acquire new subscribers.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 1 · How to Get New Subscribers · Frank A. Munsey · ms
    • 1 · Premiums and Presents · [uncredited] · ms
      includes book premiums “Abbot’s American Pioneer and Patriot Series” and “The Argosy Index of Standard Poets”.
    • 2 · [premium list continued, listing many more books]
    • 3 · [premium list continued, finishing list of books and adding list of albums, and of printing press and writing instruments]
    • 4 · [premium list continued, with more printing and other tools plus musical instruments]
    • 5 · [premium list continued, more musical instruments, firearms, skates, batteries, etc]
    • 6 · [premium list continued, teapots, silverware, etc]
    • 7 · [premium list continued, lace, socks, handkerchiefs, handbags, watches, etc]
    • 8 · [premium list continued, gold chains, rings, more watches, etc]
    • 8 · The Golden Argosy · Frank A. Munsey · ms

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