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    Best Detective (1947)   (about)
    Seemingly a one-shot pulp by Exclusive Detective Stories. Not to be confused with the long-running Best Detective Magazine from the 1930s.

    • Publishers:
      • Exclusive Detective Stories, Inc.; 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY: Best Detective.

    Best for Men [v1 #4, June 1962] (Camerarts Publishing Co., Inc., 35¢, 66pp+, quarto) []
    Details supplied by Darren Heil.
    • 6 · To Hell with Women · J. J. Lamb · ss; “I hope you don’t mind,” she whispered in his ear. “It’s so much nicer this way. Won’t you try it?”
    • 10 · Throw the Fight? · Robert Leon · ss; illustrated by ?; “Kid—fight back! Why the hell didn’t you fight back? FIGHT BACK! FINISH him!”
    • 18 · Best Jokes for Men · [uncredited] · hu
    • 19 · Lingerie Salesman’s Secret · Rick Richards · ss
    • 22 · Unique Sideshow Secret · [uncredited] · ar
    • 24 · Sordid Seduction · Leslie Jones · ss; illustrated by ?; “Look at me!” she cried, “It’ll be a long time before you see something like this again, Mr. Astronaut!”
    • 26 · The Gal with the Painted Posterior · A. Ander · ss; illustrated by ?; “She saw where MY eyes were and SHE laughed. ‘I forget,’ she giggled. ‘X, it mark the spot!’.”
    • 30 · Twice on Sunday · as told to L. D. Silverstone · ts; “exclusive, unexpergated life story of a call girl as related in her own uninhibited language.” “Right away I became suspicious—I’m no hick; in Brooklyn, when a guy takes off his scivvies, it’s for only one reason.”
    • 36 · The Poacher Prowls · Neal Neitzel · ss; “She moaned and grimaced as she attempted to shift into a less revealing posture on the seat, her bare arms modestly crossing to conceal her nude breasts.”
    • 42 · Kinsey Never Had It So Good! · Rex Hall · ss; illustrated by ?; “He was glad, glad, glad that someone like Tony existed.”
    • 44 · Passion College · Richard E. Geis · ss; illustrated by ?; “He looked at their voluptuous flesh and couldn’t detect any differences between them and the women he’d known all his life.”
    • 47 · Vice Cop in Action! · [uncredited] · ts
    • 50 · The Love Nest · Hugh Zachary · ss; illustrated by ?; “He was somewhere to hell and gone in the heart of the Smoky Mountains with a cold hearted Army nurse who was afraid that he was going to rape her.”
    • 56 · Hot-Hearted Hannah · E. M. Adair · ss; illustrated by ?; “She plans to hold out on everything! Three hundred and sixty-five days—and nights, too!”
    • 60 · Dynamo of Lust · John Nemac · ss; illustrated by ?; “‘You’re stacked, baby,’ said Reno Phil. He grabbed her bare, slippery shoulders and dragged her to the floor!”

    Best for Men [Volume 6 Number 2, April 1967] (Camerarts Publishing Co., Inc., 50¢) []
    Listing fiction only.
    Details supplied by Richard Newsome from Table of Contents.

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