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    Borderline   (about)
    Borderline was a digest-sized magazine published by Sherbourne Press, 7863 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90046. Sydney Omarr was listed as executive editor and Shelly Lowenkopf was the managing editor. The magazine was subtitled “the magazine which dares the unknown.” Initially it was issued monthly but by the fifth issue, perhaps sooner, it had gone bi-monthly. The first issue was dated September 1964, the fifth March 1965, the sixth May 1965, the seventh July 1965, the eighth September 1965, the ninth (v2 #1) November 1965, and the tenth (v2 #2) February 1966. The magazine contained no fiction. It dealt with mysticism and para-psychological phenomena. Topics such as phrenology, prophecy, ESP, ghost hunting, and automatic writing were common. The seventh issue did include a piece by L. Ron Hubbard but, in general, the magazine would be of little interest to even the most ardent collector. The contents of the first issue were as follows:

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