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    Detective Thrillers   (about)
    One of those rare magazines rumoured to exist but never seen. It was probably published by Standard Magazines but Cook (via Bill Blackbeard) suggests it was a Clayton magazine from about 1930, and The Adventure House Guide to the Pulps says it is an ashcan issue published by Better Publications (Thrilling). There has been no positive evidence of its existence.

    Detective Trails   (about)
    Short-lived illustrated pulp featuring weird mystery stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Good Story Magazine Co., Inc.; 25 West 43rd Street, New York, NY: Detective Trails.
    • Editors:

    Detective Weekly   (about)
    Listings provided by Steve Holland unless otherwise indicated. Originally conceived as a replacement title for Union Jack, Detective Weekly presented a full-length Sexton Blake yarn in every issue.

    For more information see Detective Weekly by Steve Holland.

    • Publishers:
      • Amalgamated Press, Ltd.; The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4: Detective Weekly.
    • Editors:
      • H. W. Twyman - Editor: Detective Weekly, 1933 – 1934.
      • Len Berry - Editor: Detective Weekly, 1934 – 1935.
      • James Higgins - Editor: Detective Weekly, 1935.
      • Jack Hunt - Editor: Detective Weekly, 1935 – Aug 1939.

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