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    F.P. Detective Stories
    Title changed from G.P. Detective Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Feature Productions Limited; Post Office Box 5065, Wellington, New Zealand: F.P. Detective Stories.

    F.P. Western Stories:   (about)
    A thin pulp that reprinted from various Popular Publications magazines. The first few issues were published in Australia and publication then moved to New Zealand. The title on the cover had a leading “The ” until late 1949 when it was dropped, and the Table of Contents for F.P. Western Stories stated “Incorporating ‘The G.P. Western Stories’” but none of the Contents pages seen had a leading “The ”. Both cover and Table of Contents used a stylized logo in place of “F.P.” and “G.P.” but the letters clearly stood for the initials of the publishers and are given with added periods in later references so have been assumed here in the magazine title.

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