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    Hutchinson’s Story Magazine:   (about)

    Hutchinson’s Story Magazine
    Hutchinson’s Story Magazine—UK; Jul. 1919-Dec. 1929 (125 issues); retitled Hutchinson’s Magazine May 1921, reverted to Hutchinson’s Story-Magazine, Jul. 1929; Hutchinson, London; monthly; standard format, initial price 9d (soon rising to 1/-); first five issues on pulp paper, thereafter slick paper until its last six issues (Jul.-Dec. 1929); switched to large-format slick (Aug. 1924-Jun. 1929); editor E. Hornibrook (last few issues); although not strictly a pulp for much of its existence, it began and ended as one, and it is convenient to regard it as a pulp throughout since it continued to publish much the same sort of stories; essentially this was always a flamboyant pulp, although it masqueraded as a big slick for some years; contained a wide range of fiction, with an emphasis on romance, mystery and intrigue; published “Spook Stories” by E. F. Benson and “Crook Stories” by Sax Rohmer; other authors included Achmed Abdullah, A. E. W. Mason, Stacey Aumonier, H. Mortimer Batten, Marjorie Bowen, Thomas Burke, Richmal Crompton, Gilbert Frankau, H. Rider Haggard (“She Meets Allan,” Jul. 1919-Mar. 1920, “Wisdom’s Daughter,” 1922-1923, “Heu-Heu, or The Monster,” 1924), Cosmo Hamilton, Robert Hichens, Herbert Jenkins, Marie Belloc Lowndes, Elinor Mordaunt, Douglas Newton, Baroness Orczy (serialized “Sir Percy Hits Back,” 1927), Eden Phillpotts, Kathlyn Rhodes, Rafael Sabatini, Sapper (“Bull-Dog Drummond, D.S.O., M.C.,” from Jan. 1920), Edmund Snell, H. de Vere Stacpoole, Russell Thorndike, Hugh Walpole, Alec Waugh, and even Joseph Conrad (“Suspense!,” Feb.-Aug. 1925).

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