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    Illustrated Sunday Magazine [August 19, 1917] []
    Issue partially indexed from the Index of Short Stories in Edward J. O’Brien’s The Best Short Stories (1915-1917).

    Illustrated World [v26 #4, December 1916] (Illustrated World (Chicago), 15¢, standard) []
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.
    • 504 · The Electric Titan · Herbert C. Crocker · ar; “This mechanical marvel may furnish the warring armies of Europe with a new engine of destruction.”
    • 510 · “Love at First Sight” Analyzed · Anthony M. Rud · ar
    • 518 · The Etiquette of Submaring · Donald Wilhelm · ar; “The formula to be followed in destroying an enemy’s shipping.”
    • 538 · Baseballs of Death · William Nelson Taft · ar
    • 548 · Motion Pictures That Really Talk · David Williams · ar

    Image [#74, Summer 2012] ed. Gregory Wolfe []
    a Christian literary magazine published by the Center for Religious Humanism at Seattle Pacific University. Details supplied by Martin Wooster.

    Image [#78, Summer 2013] []
    Issue partially indexed.

    Imagination (US, 1950)   (about)
    William Hamling has stated that he was the editor & publisher from the beginning. The first 2 issues were published while Hamling was still employed at Ziff-Davis so Ray Palmer acted as a “front” and those issues give Palmer’s company as the publisher. They do not, however, list an editor, allowing readers to assume that it was Palmer.

    • Publishers:
      • Clark Publishing Co.; Evanston, IL: Imagination, Oct 1950 – Dec 1950.
      • Greenleaf Publishing Co.; Evanston, IL: Imagination, Feb 1951 – Oct 1958.
    • Editors:
    • Features:

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