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    Man’s Book Periodical [Vol. 9 No. 1, February 1970] (Em Tee Publications Inc., 35¢) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Revealed: The True Horror of Rape as I Lived It · Laura Master · ts
    • · Storm the Reds’ Flesh Farm of Horror · Lt. Ron Baker · ts
    • · The Incredible Harlot Who Ran the West’s Wildest Rat Pack · Dean W. Ballenger · ts
    • · Screaming Virgins for the Nazi Rites of Agony · Bill Ryder · ts

    Man’s Conquest [v4 #6, January 1959] (quarto) []
    None of the features is labeled fiction, but it’s plain that several are. The way the text is structured, with inner thoughts revealed, dialogue impossible to be known from “reality” given “verbatim”, lack of solid details, etc., betrays their origin in the minds of desperate hacks. I’ll give the titles and authors, and perhaps some will be recognizable.
    Details supplied by Paul Di Filippo.
    • · The Paradise on Earth of Brother #12 · Cyrus W. Bell · ts; “First the gals fell for Wilson; then the men fell for the gals. And—quicker than you can say ’Free-Love’—a fantastic cult was born.”
    • · Madman of the Islands · Charles Conroy · ts; “With island after island, it was always the same for Mortelmans: the friendly welcome, the passionate native girls—then the senseless slaughter that became the trademark of his schooner and the shame of every ship that sailed the Pacific.”
    • · Hunter’s Choice · Everett Rawlings · ts; “I took on Johnston because I liked him: All he wanted was to tell his grandchildren he’d shot a tiger. But he’d never seen blood before—a tiger’s or a man’s—and now it was too late.”
    • · The White Shark of Roti · Harry Britt · ts; “When they pulled Phil Jamison out of the Java Sea, he was too weak with shock to remember that the whole deal had smelled of blood from the beginning—too numbed by terror to care that he had accomplished the impossible.”
    • · Bordello on Dearborn Row · Henry Durling · ts; “When the cops finally crashed Chicago’s Everleigh Club, they caught High Society at its low-down best.”
    • · The Incredible Saga of Sibley Scout · J. S. Qualey · ts; “He had a name that nobody could say right—Graurd. But the smoke of his guns and the daring of his escapades spelled it out for all to see. And before he was through, even the Sioux nation could pronounce it. Here is his true story.”

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