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    Peterson’s Magazine:   (about)
    Peterson’s was primarily a fashion magazine. In a typical issue the first 20+ pages were taken up with fashion plates, patterns and examples of fancy stitching. This was followed by 40 to 50 pages of fiction, including vignettes and serials. There were no articles or essays. After the fiction there was another dozen or so pages of fashion plates, patterns, etc. followed by several short editorial features: news, gossip, advice, reviews, etc. Every issue printed one piece of sheet music, buried among the front or back matter. Some of these had vocals that are listed as songs. The rest were instrumentals which are ignored.

    Peterson’s Magazine was another one that didn’t like to settle down with one title. Late in life it became a Munsey stablemate and “merged” into The Argosy, though I don’t know how much Petersoness survived the merger.

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