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    The Passing Show [v2, #81, October 7, 1933] (2d, 44pp, 10½″ x 14¼″) []
    With this issue the magazine switched to the large tabloid format with 44 pages, but still priced twopence. It now includes both a serial and a new “Smile Section” called Laughter.
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

    The Passing Show [v2, #85, November 4, 1933] (2d, 10½″ x 14¼″) []
    The editorial on page 36 includes some feedback on the new format Passing Show. It’s a mized reaction, some not liking the new size, but one correspondent says that the “one redeeming feature [is] the fine new series, ‘The Pirates of Venus’”.
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

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