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    Phantoms   (about)
    Small press fantasy/horror fiction magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Phantoms; Derby: Phantoms.
    • Editors:

    Phenomena [v2 #2, Issue 4, Summer 1983] (Foster Publications, $1.75/£1.00, 32pp, 7″ x 8½″ s/s) []
    The Literary Magazine for Supernatural & Horror Enthusiasts.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.
    • 2 · Bienvenue · A. J. Foster · ed
    • 4 · Rogue · A. J. Foster · ss; romance fiction with reincarnation elements.
    • 19 · Retrospection · A. J. Foster · br
    • 20 · Birth of an Astral Child · [uncredited] · ar
    • 21 · Present for the Incubus · James T. Crawford · vi; incubus makes mistake and attacks transvestite.
    • 22 · Hollywood and Bust: Part Four--Mansfield · A. J. Foster · ar
    • 29 · Supplemental · A. J. Foster · ar; on Jean Harlow, apparently follow-up to earlier article; earlier articles in series were on Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, and Carole Lombard, emphasizing alleged occult elements; illustrated with several photos.

    Phil May’s Annual   (about)
    This was an interesting annual - sometimes appearing twice yearly as a WINTER ANNUAL and SUMMER ANNUAL - in fact the full title was usually presented as PHIL MAY’S ILLUSTRATED WINTER [or SUMMER] ANNUAL. Apart from two larger issues it was normally a squat almost square format, always with the same cover of a jester. It went through a range of editors and publishers and the early issues reflected Phil May’s renown for cartoons and jokes and the stories were usually humorous, certainly light hearted, and occasionally romantic. The odd ghost story or weird tale was also often humorous. However over time it grew increasingly macabre, especially under its final editor Harry Thompson whose issues are almost all full of weird and supernatural stories, the best by the Australian Ernest Favenc. I’ve listed the fiction and articles only but between every story was usually a cartoon or sketch by May, sometimes a portfolio of several pages. Needless to say the magazine did not long outlast his death. There are some well known names here but also some very strange stories by virtual unknowns. All the Sophie Osmond stories are weird. There’s also a Sherlock Holmes pastiche - I haven’t checked yet but I wasn’t sure if this was recorded. It’s by a “Mr. M--” who I believe is Julian Croskey - whoever he was.
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.

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