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    Peril [Vol. 6 No. 6, March 1963] (66pp) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Man’s Peril [Vol. 8 No. 17, December 1965] (66pp) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Perry Rhodan:   (about)
    A series of paperback books, reprinting from the popular German space opera series. The bulk of the volumes contain additional stories and magazine-like features, and are otherwise unindexed. A few words about the exact formats are in order. The first five volumes contained two PR stories each, separately titled but not separately by-lined. The two authors were listed together on the cover as if the stories were collaborations. The individual bylines have been assigned by reference to the German originals. Each double volume was numbered as one, thus getting instantly out of phase with the German numbering.

    Volumes 6 through 108 contained 1 PR novel each, with varying amounts of back-up stories and features. The next 5 volumes reverted to the original format of publishing 2 PRs per book, but this time the stories were separately numbered. The volumes were formatted as if they were two books in one, but the pagination was continuous throughout. The next three volumes were also doubles, each containing one numbered novel in the Atlan series (a spin-off of PR) and one PR that had been previously skipped and thus could not be assigned a number. These were followed by one double volume with two Atlan novels. The final book from Ace was a single PR novel. This was reprinted from a different series of the German publications and was longer than the other novels.

    After Ace dropped the series they were published in pamphlet format, like that of the German originals, and distributed only through the mail. They were issued simultaneously in groups of six. The last group issued consisted of one PR novel and five novels in a new series, Starman. To ensure that subscribers would buy all six, they were issued as one thick trade paperback, though they were paginated as six separate issues. Confused?

    • Publishers:
      • Ace Books; New York: Perry Rhodan, #1 – Jan 1978.
      • Master Publications: Perry Rhodan, #119 – #137.
    • Editors:
    • Features:
      • Scientifilm World · Forrest J. Ackerman · ar; #6-19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 37, 38, 57, 58, 61, 62, 64, 66, 75.
      • From the Captain of the Stardust 4E · Forry Rhodan · ed; #14, 19, 20, 21.
      • From the Captain of the Spaceship 4sJ · Forrest J. Ackerman · ed; #23, 25, 26, 27, 33, 35.

    Perry Rhodan [#6, (August) 1971] (Ace, 60¢, 126pp+, pb) []
    Reprinted: Ace 65998, 1972, 75¢, with new cover by Gray Morrow; Ace 66106, 1974, 95¢.

    Perry Rhodan [#7, (September) 1971] (Ace, 60¢, 124pp+, pb) []
    Reprinted: Ace 65999, 1972, 75¢, with new cover by Gray Morrow; Ace 66107, 1974, 95¢.

    Perry Rhodan [#8, (October) 1971] (Ace, 60¢, 127pp+, pb) []
    Reprinted: Ace 66000, 1972, 75¢, with new cover by Gray Morrow; Ace 66108, 1974, 95¢.

    Perry Rhodan [#10, (December) 1971] (Ace, 60¢, 124pp+, pb, cover: German PR #16 by H. J. Bruck) []
    Reprinted: Ace 66002, 1972, 75¢, with new cover by Gray Morrow; Ace 66110, 1974, 95¢.

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