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    The Premier Magazine   (about)
    The Premier Magazine—UK; May 1914-Mar. 1931 (256 issues); Amalgamated Press, London; monthly, but fortnightly from Jun. 1919-6 Feb. 1923; standard format; Series 1 was pulp, 160pp (first six issues 176pp), reducing to 112pp by 1919, price 6d (initially 4d); Series 2 (Mar. 1923-Sep. 1926) was slick, on coated stock, 136pp, price 1/-; Series 3 (Oct. 1926-Mar. 1931) reverted to pulp, 96pp, price 6d; editor David Whitelaw; published much adventure, mystery and weird fiction; authors included Achmed Abdullah, Bertram Atkey, L. J. Beeston, Marjorie Bowen, J. B. Harris-Burland, Mrs Champion de Crespigny, Beatrice Grimshaw, William Hope Hodgson, F. Morton Howard, William le Queux, C. Randolph Lichfield, Victor MacClure, Douglas Newton, Sax Rohmer, Rafael Sabatini, Andrew Soutar, Albert Payson Terhune, Guy Thorne, Edgar Wallace, Fred M. White; indexed, The Premier Magazine 1914 to 1931: An Annotated Checklist by George Locke (London: Magazine of Fiction Ferret Fantasy, 1999).

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