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    Short Stories [v69 #6, Whole No. 217, June 1908] (Doubleday, Page & Co., 15¢, 152pp, smaller than standard) []
    Two color cover (“family” type, as opposed to adventure type). Little boys and girls around a maypole. No editor listed. No cover artist listed. Eight pages of assorted ads up front; one of the pages devoted to the contents page. Paper is the low grade “slick” paper typical of the period for ads (see Argosy and All-Story). Followed by eight pages of bucolic scenery photographs on a higher grade of slick paper. Followed by 112 pages on a “book paper.” NOTE: THESE PAGES WERE NOT NUMBERED. Followed by 24 pages of miscellaneous ads plus letters. The ad pages front and back are consecutively numbered—1-8 up front, 9-32 in back. Total page count: 152.
    Details supplied by Frank Robinson.

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