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    Strange Suicides   (about)
    Strange Suicides may well have been the most bizarre entry in the magazine field of the 1930’s. The magazine’s policy was given in the first issue. It was to cover “The choice of the most dramatic events in our field, but not to neglect the unknown”.

    The magazine included factual and fictionalized stories on actual suicides, articles on suicide, and excerpts from literature concerning suicide. Shakespeare, Dickens and Flaubert were all excerpted. Schopenhauer has an essay on suicide in the first issue.

    The true flavor of the magazine can best be caught in two separate articles. In the first issue the Executioner of France, M. Diebler has an article titled “Does Life Continue after Decapitation”. There is also a series discussing men who should have committed suicide. The first issue suggests Benedict Arnold and the second Oscar Wilde.

    • Publishers:
      • George Hill Publisher; New York: Strange Suicides.
    • Editors:

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