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    All-Novel Western [v4 #4, February 1941] (Ace Magazines, Inc., 15¢, pulp) []
    Issue partially indexed.
    • · Bullets for a Buzzard Brood · Lee Bond · na
    • · Ranch of the Living Dead · Cliff Howe · na

    Supernatural Stories / Out of This World   (about)
    This series started out as anthologies in an ambiguously magazine-like format. After a hiatus, it was revived as one of the Badger Books paperback lines. Novels first appeared with #29; they alternated with the anthologies after #42. Not a true magazine, in that most volumes of stories were contracted to single authors, who supplied the entire contents, though R.L. Fanthorpe is known to have subcontracted a few stories to other writers. In the first 8 volumes the interior pages are numbered 5 to 132.

    • Publishers:
      • John Spencer & Co.; London, England: Supernatural Stories, #1 – #8.
      • Badger Books; London, England: Supernatural Stories, #9 – #109.
    • Editors:

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