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    Temple Bar   (about)
    Temple Bar—UK; Dec. 1860-Dec. 1906 (553 issues); John Maxwell (1860-1862), G. A. Sala (1862-1866), Richard Bentley (1866-1898), Macmillan (1898-1906); monthly; standard format, imitation-Cornhill, initially unillustrated, price 1/-; absorbed Bentley’s Miscellany, 1868; editors George Augustus Sala (Dec. 1860-Nov. 1863), Edmund Yates (Dec. 1863-Sep. 1867), George Bentley (Oct. 1867-May 1895), Richard Bentley (Jun. 1895-Aug. 1898?), Gertrude Mayer (Sep. 1898?-Dec. 1900?); early issues ran sensation novels by Sala and M. E. Braddon (“Aurora Floyd,” 1863); later published Wilkie Collins, Charles Reade, Robert Louis Stevenson, Anthony Trollope, Conan Doyle, E. F. Benson; circulation initially 30,000, settled at around 13,000 in the late 1860s but dropped to 8,000 by 1896; indexed, Poole’s (1861-1881 only), Wellesley vol.3 (1860-1900 only).

    Temple Bar [February 1868] []
    Issue partially indexed.
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