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    Woman’s Realm   (about)
    Woman’s Realm—UK; 1958- ; IPC; weekly; tabloid slick; editor Kathy Watson (current); published romance and crime stories and serials, including work by Antonia Fraser, Celia Fremlin and Paula Gosling (1970s and 1980s).

    Woman’s Realm [v33 #6, September 27, 1958] (tabloid slick) []
    Details supplied by Paul Di Filippo.
    • · Bonnet Over the Windmill · Ursula Bloom · ss; “It was Val’s first evening in London and she was tired and homesick; but this was the beginning of a great adventure…”
    • · The Envied One · Humphrey Knight · ss; “Sheila had dreamed of a glittering career, but it had been Gwendoline’s name that appeared in lights.”
    • · Stranger in the House [Part ? of ?] · Anne Maybury · sl; “Continuing our dramatic serial of an Englishwoman’s life in Canada. Malou had always known security and love in the de Lys household, and it seemed she, too, had no need of Lynne.”

    Woman’s Realm [v34 #2, October 11, 1958] (tabloid slick) []
    Details supplied by Paul Di Filippo.
    • · Red Sky at Night · Eleanor Burford · ss; “For years Ruth had been afraid, but never more so than on the day Michel returned to Villa Muget.”
    • · Through the Barrier · Jenetta Miller · ss; “Margaret had tried to show Tina that she loved her: but it is so difficult to penetrate a lonely child’s defences.”
    • · Stranger in the House [Part ? of ?] · Anne Maybury · sl; “Concluding our romantic serial set in Canada. By running away, Lynne was leaving the man she loved. But she could not stay in the house where Mere Claudine mistrusted her.”

    Woman’s Weekly:   (about)

    Woman’s Weekly [Vol. LXXVIII, No. 2037, November 18, 1950] (The Amalgamated Press, 3d, iv+809-856pp, 7.2″ x 10.4″) []
    Only fiction listed.

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