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    ChiZine   (about)
    Online magazine whose name is variously given as Chiaroscuro, The Chiaroscuro or ChiZine, often with multiple names given in the context of a single issue. For simplicity all issues have been listed under the more familar name of ChiZine. Continued for a while after 2011 as a website that occasionally published poems or stories.

    ChiZine [Issue #1, July-September 1999] (online)
    Details taken from magazine website. It is unclear whether there was anything other than the Hopkins story in this issue.

    ChiZine [Issue #2, October-December 1999] (online)
    Details taken from magazine website. There is a sixth story in this issue, author and title unknown.

    ChiZine [Issue #3, January-March 2000] (online)
    Details taken from magazine website. Issue partially indexed.

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