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    Chillers   (about)
    Primarily a movie magazine, with fiction occupying less than half of the content. The movie features have been omitted from this listing.

    • Publishers:
      • Charlton Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT: Chillers.
    • Editors:

    Chillers [v1 #3, November 1981] ($1.50, 68pp, quarto, cover by photo)
    • 8 · Cancellation of the Candidate · Steve Vance · ss
    • 12 · Stephen King: King of the Beasties · Bill & Debra Clayton · ar
    • 22 · Feast · Philip Coolidge · ss
    • 28 · The Alternate · George Zebrowski · ss
    • 32 · Irwin Allen—Master of Disaster · Tony Habeeb · ar
    • 38 · The Demon Cat · Lady Wilde · vi Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms & Superstitions of Ireland by Lady Jane Wilde, Ticknor & Co., 1887
    • 40 · An Interview with Writer/Director Peter Hyams · [uncredited] · iv [Ref. Peter Hyams]
    • 50 · The Vampire of Croglin Grange · Augustus Hare · ss The Story of My Life by Augustus Hare, George Allen, London, 1896

    ChiZine   (about)
    Online magazine whose name is variously given as Chiaroscuro, The Chiaroscuro or ChiZine, often with multiple names given in the context of a single issue. For simplicity all issues have been listed under the more familar name of ChiZine. Continued for a while after 2011 as a website that occasionally published poems or stories.

    ChiZine [Issue #1, July-September 1999] (online)
    Details taken from magazine website. It is unclear whether there was anything other than the Hopkins story in this issue.

    ChiZine [Issue #2, October-December 1999] (online)
    Details taken from magazine website. There is a sixth story in this issue, author and title unknown.

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