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    Galaxy [v1 #6, February 1939] ed. Olon F. Wiggins (2251 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado, James M. Rogers, II, free, 10pp, 5½″ x 8½″ hectographed)
    Produced for FAPA.
    Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

    Galaxy Science Fiction:   (about)
    The exact title became a bit vague after Universal bought it. The final issue had no newsstand distribution, nor was it sent to all subscribers. We have not ordinarily indicated situations where the book version of a novel was published before the last installment of the serial, but Jem is so extraordinary in this regard that it is worth a comment. Galaxy’s publishing schedule slipped so badly on the last few issues that both the hardcover and paperback editions of Jem were issued long before the serial was completed. All issues from Oct 1977 through May 1978 exist in two versions. Subscription copies have dates given on the covers and spines, newsstand copies have the volume and number. The last issues were revivals as semi-professional magazines.

    • Publishers:
      • World Editions, Inc.; New York: Galaxy Science Fiction, Oct 1950 – Sep 1951.
      • Galaxy Publishing Corp.; New York: Galaxy Science Fiction, Oct 1951 – May 1969.
      • Universal Publishing & Distributing; New York: Galaxy Science Fiction, Jul 1969 – Aug 1970.
      • UPD Publishing Corp.; New York: Galaxy Science Fiction, Oct 1970 – Sep 1979.
      • Galaxy Science Fiction, Inc.; Boston, MA: Galaxy Magazine, Jul 1980.
      • Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, Inc.; Penn Valley, CA: Galaxy, Jan 1994 – .
    • Editors:
    • Features:
      • The Alien Viewpoint · Richard E. Geis · cl; Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct 75, Feb, Mar, May, Sep, Oct 76, Mar, May, Aug, Dec 77, Mar, Jun, Sep 78, Mar 79.
      • Science Fiction Hotline · Elton Elliott & Bill Warren · ar; Jun-Jul, Sep-Oct 79.

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