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    If:   (about)
    Subtitled “Worlds of Science Fiction” when it started, the “Worlds of” part came and went during the Fifties, often being placed on the cover in a manner that allowed one to misread the full title as “Worlds of If”. Robert Guinn seems to have been a bit uncertain of the exact title after he bought it in 1959. The title is given in a variety of ways in the indicia, annual statements of ownership, etc.; it is worth noting, however, that Guinn never thought it was “Worlds of If”. Universal seems to have also been confused about the magazine’s title for a while; they finally settled on “Worlds of If” in 1972 and we have listed the subsequent issues under that title.


    • Publishers:
      • Quinn Publishing Company, Inc.; Kingston, NY: If, Mar 1952.
      • Quinn Publishing Company, Inc.; Buffalo, NY: If, May 1952 – Feb 1959.
      • Digest Productions Corporation; New York: If, Jul 1959 – May 1963.
      • Galaxy Publishing Corp.; New York: If, Jul 1963 – May 1969.
      • Universal Publishing & Distributing Corporation; New York: If, Jul 1969 – Jul 1970.
      • UPD Publishing Corp.; New York: If, Sep 1970 – Feb 1972.
    • Editors:

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