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    Strange Horizons [July 21, 2008] (online) (Full Text)
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • · Of Preachers and Storytellers: An Interview with Sheri S. Tepper · Neal Szpatura · iv [Ref. Sheri S. Tepper]
    • · The Magician’s House [Part 2 of 2] · Meghan McCarron · nv
    • · A Posthuman, Blind and Appendage-less Stump of Flesh Experiences the Sensation of Reading Various Editions of “Gravity’s Rainbow” in a Temperature Controlled Room with Cloroxed-White Walls. · Christopher Hellstrom · pm

    Strange Horizons [September 8, 2008] (online) (Full Text)
    Details taken from magazine website.
    • · Rimfall, Finger Pokes, and Angry Letters: Discworld’s Fantastic Reaches · Donna Royston · ar
    • · The Future Hunters · Christopher J. Clarke · ss
    • · Upon the death of my host and waiting for uplink: by Event Horizon, formerly of the Oracle Duality Liselle Marie Michaud / Event Horizon · C. S. MacCath · pm

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