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    Lightspeed Magazine / Nightmare Magazine 2012 Sampler ed. John Joseph Adams (, August 2012, free, 40pp, ph)
        dos-a-dos-style booklet. Note: There were two slightly different versions of this sampler produced. The first was released, and distributed for free, in August 2012, at Worldcon. The second was released, and distributed for free, in November 2012, at World Fantasy. The second version of the sampler contained minor updates to the introduction (basically changing future tense to past tense, regarding Nightmare’s launch), and at least one of the ads at the end of each side changed. There was no distinction made anywhere that the sampler was at all different, however. I believe Boskovich’s story was also updated in the second edition so that it had the final text, whereas the first edition ran before some editorial changes were made.
    Details supplied by John Joseph Adams.

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