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    On Call with Doctor Finlay by Peter Haining (Boxtree, March 31, 1994, 1-85283-471-4, £9.99, 128pp, tp) [Ref. A. J. Cronin]
        Book about the making of the TV series Doctor Finlay.

    On Duty with “The Chief” by Peter Haining (Boxtree, January 31, 1995, 1-85283-928-7, 128pp, tp)
        Tie-in to the ITV series, “The Chief”, which highlights some of the dilemmas and difficult decisions that face a Chief Constable each day.

    On the Rounds with Medics by Peter Haining (Boxtree, August 31, 1995, 0-7522-1006-8, £10.99, 128pp, lp)
        Behind-the-scenes look at the Medics TV series.

    The Race for Mars by Peter Haining (Comet, June 19, 1986, 0-86379-044-5, £4.95, 157pp, tp)
        Book about planned space missions to Mars.

    Raquel Welch: Sex Symbol to Superstar by Peter Haining (W.H. Allen, May 17, 1984, 0-491-03252-8, 224pp, hc) [Ref. Raquel Welch]
        Chronicle of the star’s rise from home town beauty queen to actress, and her struggle to overcome her sex symbol personna and gain recognition for abilities as a serious actress and entertainer.

    The Restless Bones & Other True Mysteries by Peter Haining (Armada, January 1981, 0-00-691987-1, 85p, 126pp, pb)
        Reissue (Armada 1978) young-adult collection of “true mysteries”.

    The Savage by Peter Haining (error, actually by Terry Harknett) (Star, August 21, 1986, 0-352-31858-9, £2.25, 219pp, pb)
        Reprint (NEL 1979 as by Alex Peters) novel involving an Erich Von Daniken-type pseudo-scientist.

    The Scarecrow: Fact and Fable by Peter Haining (Robert Hale, July 14, 1988, 0-7090-3316-8, £11.95, 191pp, hc, cover by Pip Miller)
        Book about scarecrows.

    A Slip of the Pen: The Writers’ Book of Blunders by Peter Haining (Robson Books, October 2004, 1-86105-793-8, £6.99, xv+204pp, tp)
        Collection of publishing gaffes and howlers.

    Spitfire Summer: The People’s-Eye View of the Battle of Britain by Peter Haining (Index, 1990, £14.95, 207pp, hc)
        Reprint (W.H. Allen 1990) historical study of the Battle of Britain in the summer months of 1940 from the perspective of the UK public.

    The Supernatural Coast: Unexplained Mysteries of East Anglia by Peter Haining (Robert Hale, October 30, 1992, 0-7090-4722-3, £6.95, 155pp, tp, cover: [photo] by Gillian Beckett)
        Collection of essays on supernatural events in East Anglia.

    Superstitions by Peter Haining (Sidgwick & Jackson, October 1979, 0-283-98543-7, £7.99, 176pp, hc)
        History and contemporary examination of superstitions past and present.

    Sweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street by Peter Haining (Robson, 2002, 1-86105-587-0, £8.99, 150pp, tp)
        Reprint (Boxtree 1993) non-fiction study of Sweeney Todd. This edition includes the afterword from the 1998 edition and adds a new one.

    The Television Sherlock Holmes by Peter Haining (Virgin, May 1991, 0-86369-793-3, £14.99, 254pp, lp)
        Reissue (Virgin 1991) study of the Granada Television series of Sherlock Holmes starring Jeremy Brett. This is revised and expanded from the original edition (W.H. Allen 1986).

    Terror! A History of Horror Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines by Peter Haining (Souvenir Press, November 4, 1976, 0-285-62257-9, 176pp, hc)
        Pictorial history of magazine, periodical, and book illustration of horror stories, featuring the work of both well-known and anonymous artists.

    The Un-Dead: The Legend of Bram Stoker and Dracula by Peter Haining & Peter Tremayne (Constable, May 12, 1997, 0-09-475430-6, £16.95, 199pp, hc) [Ref. Bram Stoker]
        Biography of Bram Stoker, focussing on the writing of Dracula.

    The Warlock’s Book: Secrets of Black Magic from the Ancient Grimoires by Peter Haining (W.H. Allen, 1972, 0-491-00189-4, £1.50, 110pp, hc, cover by Beverley le Barrow)
        Non-fiction study of Black Magic rituals.

    Where the Eagle Landed: The Mystery of the German Invasion of Britain, 1940 by Peter Haining (Conway, September 28, 2007, 978-1-844-86051-7, £8.99, 244pp, tp)
        Reprint (Robson Books 2004) historical study of the persistent legend that German troops landed on the coast of East Anglia in 1940 in a prelude to a German invasion. In the “World War II Stories” series.

    Witchcraft and Black Magic by Peter Haining (Hamlyn, 1971, 0-600-39221-X, 126pp, pb)
        Heavily-illustrated guide to witchcraft in the 1970s.

    The World’s Most Evil Cults by Peter Haining (Parragon Publishing, January 2006, 978-1-4054-8825-9, £4.99, viii+246pp, tp)
        Collection of 21 articles on cult leaders, seven reprinted from Fiesta in 1965.

    Wrotten English: A Celebration of Literary Misprints, Mistakes and Mishaps by Peter Haining (Portico, April 7, 2011, 978-1-907554-10-0, 126pp, pb)
        Collection of literary blunders from classic, and not-so classic, works of literature.

    Ancient Mysteries ed. Peter Haining (Sidgwick & Jackson, March 1977, 283-98321-3, £7.99, 178pp, hc)
        An illustrated review of the major mysteries of the Earth and the various viewpoints that have been advanced about them.

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