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    Drifter’s End: A Western Duo by Ray Hogan (Five Star, May 2002, hc)
        Details supplied by Todd Mason.

    Thorn by Robert Holdstock (Birmingham Science Fiction Group, November 1984, 26pp, ph) [Novacon Booklets]
        Original novelette issued in a limited edition of 450 numbered, and approximately 50 unnumbered, copies, to coincide with Holdstock’s Guest of Honour appearance at Novacon 14.

    Brown Watson by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, July 1986, £1.00, 8pp, ph)

    The Case of the Perplexing Pen-Names by Steve Holland (CADS, October 1994, 56pp, pb)
    • 9 · Sexton Blake, the Famous Detective: A History · W. O. G. Lofts · in
    • 19 · The Riddle of the Perplexing Pen-Names · Steve Holland · ar
    • 27 · Sexton Blake Library: Third and Fifth Series Index · Steve Holland · ix
    • 51 · Press Editorial Syndicate Index · Steve Holland · ix

    Curtis Warren and Grant Hughes by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, May 1985, £1.00, 16pp, ph)

    Don Lawrence: A Scrapbook of Strip and Illustration by Steve Holland (Book Palace Books, May 22, 2018, 978-1-907081-77-4, £25.00, 143pp, pb, cover by Don Lawrence)

    G. H. Teed (1886-1938): A Life of Adventure. A Biography and Bibliography by Steve Holland (Norman Wright, November 2001, £5.00, 44pp, pb, cover: [photo])

    Gaywood Press, Compact Books and Hank Janson Publishers by Stephen Holland (R. Williams, February 1986, £1.25, 18pp, ph)

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